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Songs About Trucks & History of Trucking Music | Ultimate Guide (2024)

Songs About Trucks

First Posted December 19, 2022 | 🕒 Last Updated on July 10, 2024 by Ryan Conlon

Trucks have long been associated with freedom, adventure, and the great outdoors.

They often remind us of our childhood trips; traveling from place to place on family vacations or to attend special events.

We can also associate trucks with work ethic and the pride we feel after a hard day’s work. It is no wonder that country music has a number of songs dedicated to this iconic American symbol.

From classic tunes like “Six Days On The Road” and “Convoy” to more modern pieces like “Truck Yeah”, “Mud on the Tires” and “Here For A Good Time,” there is sure to be a truck-inspired song for everyone in every genre!

Read on as we discuss some of the best songs about trucks throughout music history.

Best Songs About Trucks

Trucks are an icon of the American spirit and have been celebrated in many classic country songs from Johnny Cash, the king of country music, all the way up to modern-day stars like Garth Brooks.

Here we’ve assembled some of the best sentimental and nostalgic songs about trucks, featuring iconic lyrics about good ol’ reliable pickups, truck driving down dirt roads, and more.

These gems will take you on a journey through some of the greatest memories associated with trucks and remind you why they hold a special place in our hearts.

  1. Kip Moore – Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck
  2. BRELAND – My Truck
  3. Thomas Rhett – That Old Truck
  4. Chase Rice – Bench Seat
  5. Granger Smith – Miles and Mud Tires
  6. Wade Bowen – Songs About Trucks
  7. Devin Dawson – I Got A Truck
  8. Brad Paisley – Mud On The Tires
  9. Granger Smith – Chevys, Hemis, Yotas & Fords
  10. HARDY – 4X4
  11. Tim McGraw – Truck Yeah
  12. Tyler Wood – Still Ridin’ Shotgun
  13. Riley Green – If It Wasn’t For Trucks
  14. Jason Aldean – Take a Little Ride
  15. Morgan Wallen – Silverado For Sale
  16. George Birge – “Beer Beer, Truck Truck

Best Songs About Trucks

Kip Moore – Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck

Kip Moore’s song “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” is an ode to the classic American pickup truck and the freedom it represents.

The song paints a vivid picture of life on the open road, cruising with friends and living life to the fullest.

The chorus captures this sentiment perfectly: “There’s somethin’ ‘bout a truck, ridin’ down low / Pump that music up so loud, we can hardly hear her go / Girl in the seat next to me, she ain’t never looked so alive / I guess that there’s just somethin’ ‘bout a truck.”

For those who grew up surrounded by pickups, this song has special significance as it speaks to their own experiences growing up in small towns where getting away meant jumping in a pickup truck with friends and hitting the open roads beneath big Texas skies.

For others, “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck” serves as an ode to carefree days spent without a worry in sight–a reminder that anyone can break free from routine and hit the roads with optimism and joy.

Country Songs About Trucks

Country music has long been celebrated for its detailed stories of life and love in rural America, but many don’t know that much of this music also pays tribute to one of the most iconic symbols of that way of life – the pickup truck.

Whether used as a tool to haul equipment or simply as a place to relax and reflect on the open road, country songs about trucks have become an integral part of the genre.

From Toby Keith’s “Big Ol’ Truck” or Reba McEntire’s “I Want a Cowboy” or Alabama’s “Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)”, these tunes have become staples in living rooms and on classic radio stations across America.

In this section, we’ll explore why country music is so attached to trucks, discuss some influential songs about them, and explain how they’ve left their mark on the genre.

  1. Joe Diffie – Pickup Man
  3. Tim McGraw – 7500 OBO
  4. James Barker Band – New Old Trucks
  5. Brooks & Dunn – Hillbilly Deluxe
  6. Gretch Wilson – My Truck
  7. Dylan Scott – New Truck
  8. Colt Ford – Country As Truck
  9. Deirks Bently – Cab of My Truck
  10. Trace Adkins – Rough & Ready
  11. Brenn Hill – My Old Chevy
  12. HARDY – wait in the truck
  13. Chase Rice – “Look at My Truck”
  14. Joe Diffie & D-Thrash of Jawga Boyz – Girl Ridin’ Shotgun
  15. Rodney Carrington – Getting Married to My Pick up Truck

Country Songs About Trucks

Joe Diffie – Pickup Man

Joe Diffie’s classic country song, “Pickup Man,” is a true ode to the American pickup truck. Released in 1994, it quickly became an anthem for loyal pickup truck owners everywhere.

The song is full of nostalgia and conveys a sense of rugged individualism with its upbeat tempo and memorable lyrics.

Overall, Joe Diffie’s “Pickup Man” is an homage to those who take pride in owning a reliable vehicle that allows them to make a living while also giving them much needed freedom on back roads and highways.

Whether they are farmers or just everyday people driving around town, this song honors all those who love their pickups and place value on hard work over material comforts.

Classic Songs About Trucks

A truck is more than just an engine, a cab, and a trailer – it’s a symbol of hard work, perseverance, and even freedom.

In popular culture, songs about trucks are abundant and often paint a vivid picture of a life on the open road.

From Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere” to Glen Campbell’s ” I Love My Truck” classic music is full of popular songs that pay tribute to trucks.

Whether it be a good ole’ pickup truck, semitrailer rig, or an eighteen wheeler, these songs capture the emotion and freedom that comes with hitting the open road.

Let’s take a look at the most iconic and beloved truck-themed songs from classic music.

  1. Merle Haggard – Truck Driver’s Blues
  2. Glen Campbell – I Love My Truck
  3. Dave Dudley – Six Days on the Road
  4. Johnny Cash – I’ve Been Everywhere
  5. Aaron Tippin – There Ain’t Nothing Wrong With The Radio
  6. Jerry Jeff Walker – The Pick Up Truck Song
  7. Lee Ann Womack – A Man With 18 Wheels
  8. Ed Parrish – My Old Pick-Up Truck
  9. Mel Mcdaniel – My Old Four Wheel Drive
  10. Jerry Reed – The Bandit
  11. Rhett Akins – Drivin’ My Life Away
  12. Kris Kristofferson – Me and Bobby Mcgee
  13. Alan Jackson – Thank God For The Radio
  14. Del Reeves – Looking at the World Through a Windshield
  15. Kathy Mattea – Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses

Classic Songs About Trucks

Songs About Lifted Trucks

Lifted trucks are as much part of American life as grilling on the patio or going to the local diner. They represent a sense of freedom, adventure, and an affinity for hard work.

As such, it’s no surprise that country music songwriters have written some of their best songs about lifted trucks.

From recent releases like “Big Trucks” by Savannah Dexter to classic anthems like “Big Ol’ Truck” by Toby Keith, country musicians have used these vehicles as a metaphor for celebrating life in America.

Whether you’re looking for a classic tune to play on the radio or something more modern for your next road trip, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite songs about lifted trucks—all guaranteed to get you singing along!

  1. Savannah Dexter – Big Trucks
  2. Aaron Tippin – Big Boy Toys
  3. BoonDock Kingz – 12 Inch Lift
  4. Earl Dibbles Jr – Diesel
  5. David Morris – “F350 Freestyle”
  6. Toby Keith – Big Ol’ Truck
  7. Jawga Boyz – Ridin High
  8. Sean Stemaly – Z71
  9. Savannah Dexter – Lifted Up Truck
  10. Ginger Billy x Brandon Hartt – All My Trucks
  11. Hard Target x The Lacs – Chevrolet
  12. Dustin Lynch – Me And My Truck
  13. Luke Bryan – That’s My Kind Of Night
  14. Dillon Carmichael – Big Truck
  15. Savannah Dexter – Lifted Up Truck

Songs About Lifted Trucks

Savannah Dexter – Big Trucks

Savannah Dexter’s song “Big Trucks” is a driving and upbeat ode to lifted trucks.

Dexter paints a vivid picture of these powerful vehicles with her lyrics, beckoning listeners to “get into the driver’s seat and see the world from up above.”

The song offers an energetic soundtrack as she sings about the joys of exploring the open road in a lifted truck. 

Savannah Dexter’s Big Trucks is sure to resonate with all types of truck lovers looking for an anthem that speaks to them directly.

Its message might inspire some folks to take a drive in their favorite ride while others may find themselves modifying their own car or truck so they can join in on this exciting journey.

What are some Songs About 18 Wheelers?

Country music has long been celebrated for its detailed stories of life and love in rural America, but many don’t know that much of this music also pays tribute to one of the most iconic symbols of that way of life – the pickup truck.

Whether used as a tool to haul equipment or simply as a place to relax and reflect on the open road, country songs about trucks have become an integral part of the genre.

From Aaron Lewis’ “The Road” to Alabama’s “Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)”, these tunes have become staples in living rooms and on classic radio stations across America.

In this section, we’ll explore why country music is so attached to trucks, discuss some influential songs about them, and explain how they’ve left their mark on the genre.

  1. Jason Aldean – Asphalt Cowboy
  2. Eddie Rabbit – Driving My Life Away
  3. Colt Ford – Convoy
  4. Tony Justice – Last of the Cowboys
  5. Alabama- Roll On 18 Wheeler
  6. Dylan Bloom – Truck Driver
  7. Jesse Watson – Chicken Lights and Chrome
  8. Tony Justice – Brothers of the Highway
  9. Aaron Lewis – The Road
  10. Pure Grain – Truckin Song
  11. Jimmy Martin – Truck Driving Man
  12. Red Sovine – Truckers Prayer
  13. Roaklin – Roll on Big Mamma
  14. Tony Justice – Eighteen Wheels and Jesus
  15. Bill Weaver – That’s Why He Trucks

Songs About 18 Wheelers

What are some Good Songs About Dirt Roads?

From nostalgic memories of growing up in rural America to tales of heartbreak, dirt roads have long been linked to the unique stories told through country music.

While the genre has evolved over time, one thing remains steadfast: its connection to these winding, unpaved paths.

Dirt roads are featured prominently in songs that mourn lost loves and explore the nuances of small-town life.

They offer a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and act as a backdrop for some of country music’s biggest hits.

By examining how artists such as Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, and Dierks Bentley lyrically capture their connection with dirt roads, we can gain insight into how this musical genre captures both the joys and sorrows of rural American life.

  1. Granger Smith – That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads
  2. Jawga Boyz – Redneck Dirt Road Riders
  3. RVSHVD – Dirt Road
  4. Kidd G ft. Breland – Dirt Road (Remix)
  5. Kidd G – Dirt Road
  6. Brooks & Dunn – Red Dirt Road
  7. Justin Moore – Backwoods
  8. Shotgun Shane – Square Body Chevy
  9. Dean Brody – Dirt Roads Scholar
  10. Dustin Lynch – Dirt Road
  11. Rodney Atkins – Take A Back Road
  12. Kip Moore – Dirt Road
  13. Granger Smith – Backroad Song
  14. Jason Aldean – Dirt Road Anthem
  15. Sawyer Brown – The Dirt Road

Dirt Road Songs

Granger Smith – That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads

Granger Smith’s song, “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads,” is a heartfelt ode to the beauty of nature and the joy of road trips on rural roads.

The track begins with a steady beat that sets the mood for the rest of the song, while acoustic guitar and banjo pick up on a modern country sound.

The lyrics detail Smith’s fondness and admiration for dirt roads, calling back to simpler times when they were his only means of transportation and exploration.

With lines like “I love that lonesome sound/ There’s something ’bout it calms me down,” he captures how peaceful and freeing it can be to drive down these paths.

This single serves as an anthem for anyone who loves hitting the open road and traveling through less traveled terrain without worrying about traffic or other issues associated with large highways.

As someone who has always held these roads close to his heart, Granger Smith successfully articulates his passion and longing for them in this emotional tune.

Songs About Love and Growing Up With a Truck

From classic country ballads to modern rock anthems, the subject of songs about love and growing up with a truck has captivated music fans for decades.

These tunes, which often tell stories about life lessons learned from hard times, can resonate deeply with listeners who are also familiar with the joys and hardships of growing up in a small town or rural area.

The combination of both nostalgia and contemporary themes creates music that is emotionally powerful, allowing us to reflect on our own experiences in life while being entertained by an artist’s creative narrative.

From lyrics that capture the beauty of nature to those that discuss the importance of family and friends, these songs remind us why it is important to cherish our relationships while pursuing our dreams.

Whether you are looking for something upbeat or something more heartfelt and sentimental, there is no shortage of great music out there that captures these timeless themes.

So grab your headphones, kick back, and get ready to be taken on a musical journey about finding love in unexpected places!

  1. Riley Green – If It Wasn’t For Trucks
  2. Luke Bryan – We Rode In Trucks
  3. Gabby Barrett – Pick Me Up
  4. JJ Lawhorn- Sittin’ On A Tailgate
  5. Mitchell Tenpenny – Truck I Drove in High School
  6. Tanner Flowers – This Old Truckx
  7. Granger Smith – Silverado Bench Seat
  8. Craig Morgan – More Trucks Than Cars
  9. Rhett Akins – That Ain’t My Truck
  10. Katie Noel – Tailgate Queen
  11. Johnathan East – That Ole Ford Truck
  12. Justin Moore – Pick-Up Lines
  13. Zach Dylan – This Old Truck
  14. Jeff Bates – Chevy Don’t Let Me Down
  15. Jordan Davis – Church In A Chevy

Songs About trucks and Love

Riley Green – If It Wasn’t For Trucks

Riley Green’s “If It Wasn’t for Trucks” is a song about love and growing up with a truck – both literal and metaphorical. The song paints an intimate picture of the artist’s teenage years, centered around his close bond with his father and the truck they shared.

Capturing the emotions of love, home, family, and nostalgia, Riley takes us through a journey of coming of age in rural America.

The accompanying music video amplifies these themes further. It shows Riley surrounded by friends and family in his hometown – riding in pickups, going on barbeque picnics by the lake, shooting guns at cans set up in the woods — all bringing back memories from growing up there.

Set against scenes from rural American life along with grainy home video clips from his childhood, we get a glimpse into the world that raised him; granting us insight into what shaped him into who he is today.

Ultimately if it weren’t for trucks – both literal and metaphorical – we wouldn’t have this beautiful song that captures so many invaluable emotions connected to our most important relationships; reminding us just how much we are shaped by our roots no matter where life takes us afterwards.

Heartbreaking Truck Songs About Losing Someone You Love

Loss is a difficult emotion to process, and one that many truck songs have sought to capture.

These songs tell stories of grief, loneliness, and ultimately, hope. They often feature stories of someone leaving home in pursuit of adventure or simply trying to make a life for themselves away from the place they once called home.

They also discuss the pain of returning home only to find that someone they love has left while they were gone—a heartbreaking reality faced by truckers as their work takes them away from their families.

Whether you’ve experienced loss yourself or are just looking to empathize with those who have, these truck songs offer comfort and catharsis through understanding the emotions associated with it.

  1. Lee Brice – I Drive Your Truck
  2. Gavin Lee – Old Chevy
  3. Cole Swindell – You Should Be Here
  4. AJ Sanders – Chevy and Daddy
  5. HARDY – Give Heaven Some Hell
  6. Alan Jackson – Drive (For Daddy Gene)
  7. Luke Bryan – Drink A Beer
  8. Scotty McCreery – How Ya Doin’ Up There
  9. Big City Brian Wright – Daddy’s Truck
  10. Justin Moore – Flyin’ Down A Back Road

Truck Songs About Losing Someone You Love

Lee Brice – I Drive Your Truck

Lee Brice’s heartbreaking song, “I Drive Your Truck,” is a tribute to those who have lost someone they love.

The narrator of the song is memorializing his late friend by driving his truck and finding comfort in the memories that it evokes.

The lyrics are full of vivid imagery, as Brice paints a vivid picture of the emotional journey he takes every time he gets behind the wheel.

The song starts off with a somber tone as the narrator states that he drives his friend’s truck “just to feel close to him.”

The truck symbolizes something far greater than just a vehicle – it is representative of the bond that was shared between them and serves as a physical reminder of his absent companion.

It is through this intimate connection with his friend’s memory that Brice finds solace in the midst of his grief.

Lee Brice’s “I Drive Your Truck” serves as an honest tribute to those who have experienced loss, but refuses to keep its audience mired in sadness – instead, it encourages listeners to find joy and strength in remembering their loved ones even after they are gone.

What’s that song about loving a truck from TikTok?

Wade Bowen’s song “Songs About Trucks” has become a viral hit on TikTok in recent months.

The heartfelt and relatable tune perfectly captures the joys, frustrations, and nostalgia that many of us feel when we think about the power and personality of our trusty pickup trucks.

Whether you are going out with friends, off to the lake for some fishing, or just putting around town, there is something special about having your truck by your side as you take care of business.

While Bowen’s song might not be playing while we drive our vehicles, it serves as a fond reminder of the companionship that can come from someone loving their reliable rig.


There are a lot of songs about trucks. Some of them are good, and some of them are bad. But all of them are worth listening to at least once.

Whether you’re a trucker yourself or just someone who likes singing along to country music, these songs about trucks will give you a new appreciation for the open road.

What are some of your favorite songs about trucks?

Songs About Trucks

Songs About Trucks & History of Trucking Music | Ultimate Guide (2024)