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About Us

Welcome to Mobile DJ Basics! The website was created and managed by Ryan Conlon after 18 years of being a highly-rated DJ. Running a mobile DJ company for 18 years produced a lot of in-depth knowledge and experiences worth sharing with aspiring DJs through freelance activities, especially now that he solely functions as a Freelance LD who works corporate events.

The journey to becoming a highly reckoned Disk Jockey might seem easy on the surface, but learning from experience, it takes a lot more than just pressing a few buttons on your top-notch equipment, cheering, and dancing with the crowd to become a renowned DJ. We are willing to teach you all there is to be the DJ that breathes life into parties and events.

Being a mobile DJ is a profession that is gaining more prominence as the years go by. Young individuals now see it as a profitable career path. With the influx of people into the music industry, aspiring individuals must blend their passion with hard work to bring them to the spotlight.

At Mobile DJ Basics, we are here to put you through the right path, harnessing your skills to create the star in you. Through our articles and regular posts on our page, we hope to guide you through establishing yourself and becoming a DJ that outshines any competition in the industry.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or well-established, our tips, blog posts, and lessons are suitable for all levels. We hope to help you see the DJ job as something that should be embraced with passion, skill, and fun.

We understand that your complete equipment set up is as important as your passion and drive. We will offer expert advice that will guide you on the right set of equipment you will need as you begin this adventurous, fun, and rewarding journey.

Check out the rest of our site today and get started on this amazing journey with us.

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