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Songs About FFA (2024) | Music To Celebrate Future Farmers of America

FFA Blue Jacket - Songs About FFA

Last Updated on February 24, 2024 by Ryan Conlon

Future Farmers of America (FFA) has been around for almost a century and is the largest youth organization in the United States.

With more than 630,000 annual members across all 50 states, FFA encourages students to explore STEM-related education pathways, explores career options in agricultural categories and helps cultivate relationships between agribusinesses and students.

But what many may not know is that there are several songs dedicated to this historic youth organization — from country jams to up-tempo ballads created by some recognizable names in music! This article, we‘ll take a look at some fun and inspiring songs about Future Farmers of America (FFA).

Songs About FFA

If you’re an active or former FFA member, then you know the unique bond that is formed when you are in this organization.

The values and leadership skills instilled through this program stay with members for years after they leave it, and many even return to help teach these same lessons to future generations.

But what about the music?

Yes, FFA has contributed to some inspiring songs over its history – some of which have become staples within its membership.

In this section we will explore 5 of our favorite FFA-inspired songs that make us proud of being part of such a great organization!

FFA Songs 2024

  1. Tenille Townes – In My Blood
  2. Sam L. Smith – Blue Jackets
  3. Brian Lumley – Member of the FFA
  4. Josh Abbot Band – FFA
  5. Steve Azar – American Farmer

Tenille Townes – In My Blood

For many people, FFA – Future Farmers of America – brings to mind images of cows, tractors, and barns.

But Tenille Townes’ hit single “In My Blood” has changed the perception surrounding the group by creating an anthem that celebrates FFA members and their unique perspectives on life.

Layered with emotion and grounded in personal experience, this song captures what it’s like to be a part of something greater than yourself.

Songs That Talk About FFA

FFA has become an important part of many people’s lives, especially for those who take the time to understand and appreciate it.

Whether you love FFA or just want to learn more about it, there are plenty of songs that can help inspire you along your journey.

From upbeat pop tunes to country classics, these songs have something for everyone — they talk about different aspects of FFA in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

Farming and Rural Living Songs That Inspire FFA Members

  1. Craig Morgan – International Harvester
  2. Roger Miller – Chug a Lug
  3. Lonestar – County Fair
  4. Tenille Townes – In My Blood
  5. Craig Morgan – Corn Star
  6. Sam L. Smith – Blue Jackets
  7. Brian Lumley – Member of the FFA
  8. Josh Abbot Band – FFA
  9. Steve Azar – American Farmer
  10. Craig Campbell – My Baby’s Daddy
  11. Dixie Chicks – Goodbye Earl

Craig Morgan – International Harvester

Craig Morgan’s song, “International Harvester” is a ballad that speaks to all generations of farmers, but especially Farm Bureau and FFA members.

It paints a vivid picture of the struggles and the hard work that these individuals put in every day, while honoring their dedication and commitment to the great American agricultural tradition.

As an organization that values education, service, leadership development and promoting international understanding of our rural roots – FFA counts this as one of their unofficial anthems.

Songs About Growing Up on a Farm

Growing up on a farm can be an experience filled with memories that will last a lifetime. From the sun-drenched mornings to the never-ending chores, all of our lives are shaped by the upbringing we receive.

With these unique and charming experiences in mind, what better way to capture them than through music?

Whether you’re from the country or simply fans of those catchy down-home sounds, these songs about growing up on a farm will provide hours of musical enjoyment for any age.

Songs That Perfectly Capture Growing Up on a Farm

  1. Sam Unruh – Life of a Farmer
  2. Kyle Park – “Don’t Forget Where You Come From”
  3. Chris Cagle – I’ll Grow My Own
  4. Mason Brown and the Shiners – American Farmer
  5. Brian Lumley – In My Hometown
  6. Tim McGraw – Where the Green Grass Grows
  7. Luke Bryan – Harvest Time
  8. Derek Ryan – Thank God For The Farmers
  9. Marty Stuart – Farmer’s Blues
  10. Montgomery Gentry – Daddy Won’t Sell the Farm

Sam Unruh – Life of a Farmer

To all of those who have ever felt misunderstood or daunted by the ageless industry of farming, here is your chance to relate!

Sam Unruh’s soulful melodies capture the everyday life and unique challenges of growing up on and living off of a farm.

Through his poetic song writing and passionate vocals, he offers an honest perspective on how it feels to experience both reward and struggle as a farmer.

Popular Songs About Farming

Farming is a way of life that has been around for centuries, and it’s one that many of us have grown up with.

Whether you live on a rural farm, or just visit occasionally to get some fresh air and nature time, there is something uniquely special about being outside in the fields among crops and animals.

Music can often capture this feeling effectively.

There are lots of beloved songs out there about farming—from traditional folk tunes to contemporary country music—that invoke the wonderful sense of freedom felt while in the countryside.

Must-Hear Songs That Celebrate the Farming Life

  1. Luke Bryan – Here’s To The Farmer
  2. Kelsey Fitch – Lights Of A Combine
  3. Lee Brice – Farmer
  4. John Denver – Thank God I’m a Country Boy
  5. Luke Bryan – Rain Is a Good Thing
  6. Jason Aldean – Big Green Tractor
  7. Chris Janson – Corn
  8. Derek Ryan – The Cows On The Hill
  9. Travis Tritt – Where Corn Don’t Grow
  10. Jason Aldean – Amarillo Sky

Here’s To The Farmer

Luke is a country music superstar, and his hit single “Here’s To The Farmer” is a popular tribute to the hard-working farmers who have been cultivating our land for generations.

This song celebrates the tough but rewarding lifestyle of those in rural America, as its lyrics describe the pride that comes with working long hours in harsh conditions.

Songs About Country Life

 Whether your idea of country life includes sprawling fields or small towns set against breathtaking mountain landscapes, these songs will make you yearn for the open skies and time spent around the campfire or enjoying the lazy days exploring by lake or river.

So if you’re looking for a soundtrack to accompany your next journey in search of secondhand dreams—or just need some inspiration while daydreaming about one—let these timeless tunes give voice to all that magic waiting outside city limits.

Melodies That Capture the Essence of Country Living

  1. Kyle Park – Don’t Forget Where You Come From
  2. Tim McGraw – Meanwhile Back At Mama’s
  3. Kane Brown – Hometown
  4. Montgomery Gentry – My Town
  5. Kenny Chesney – I Go Back
  6. John Denver – Country Roads
  7. Joe Diffie – John Deere Green
  8. Justin Moore – Small Town USA
  9. Tim McGraw – Down On The Farm
  10. Jeff Corle – Empty Barn

Kyle Park – Don’t Forget Where You Come From

As country music artist Kyle Park reminds us, it’s important to never forget where you come from. His song “Don’t Forget Where You Come From” speaks to those who have left their hometowns and roots behind in search of a different life.

But it also speaks to everyone else — rural and urban alike — about the beauty, pride, hardship, and joy that country living brings.

What do FFA stand for?

If you’ve ever wondered what “FFA” stands for, you’ve come to the right place! FFA (or Future Farmers of America) is a student organization that aims to teach young people about agriculture and the vast opportunities that exist within the industry.

Originally founded in 1928, FFA is now one of the largest youth organizations in America, boasting over 700,000 members spanning all 50 states.

But FFA is more than just a club – it’s a community of curious, driven individuals who care about the future of food, farming, and our environment.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in agriculture or simply want to learn more about where your food comes from, FFA is an amazing resource for young people everywhere.


With all of these songs about FFA Future Farmers of America it’s easy to feel inspired and more connected to this great organization.

It’s wonderful to see how music can be used to promote awareness for such a meaningful cause. Diverse topics like working in the fields and livestock, dreams of farming for future generations, and modern day agricultural challenges have been addressed in song lyrics.

We are hopeful that more musicians will continue to create music about FFA so that its message resonates with people everywhere.

After all, FFA is an organization focused on developing leadership and technology skill among today’s youth, in order for them to create vibrant rural communities and successful agricultural businesses.

Hopefully our love for FFA will live on through the songs we share and enjoy.

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Songs About FFA (2024) | Music To Celebrate Future Farmers of America