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Mobile DJs Guide to Social Media 2024 | Get Started Today!

Mobile DJs Guide to Social Media

What is the future of Social Media? What will it look like? How can DJs leverage this to their advantage when marketing themselves online? These are all questions that we’ve been asking ourselves.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what social media looks like and how marketers should prepare for it now.

Mobile DJs Guide to Social Media

Social media is the ultimate way to reach out and connect with your potential clients. You can show them that you’re looking for their feedback, thoughts, and ideas by reaching out through social media before they may even contact you!

This also gives people a chance to give input on what’s going well at events or share something funny (or not-so-funny) about one of your competitors so word spreads fast in today’s digital age.

Did you know that many people check social media multiple times a day? If your business doesn’t have an online presence, it’s missing out on the opportunity to connect with potential new clients. Create a social media profile for your small business today.

Social media is a great marketing tool for all businesses, and it’s something that the mobile DJ industry should be taking advantage of.

Before You Create a Social Media Account You Will Need:

  • Profile Name
  • DJ Logo
  • Your Website
  • Professional Email Address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Bio – How do you write a DJ bio?

Profile Name – Be sure to use your company name or DJ Name for all of your social accounts. The best way to do this is by creating a Business or DJ persona and sticking with it across different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

DJ Logo – Your logo is the first thing a potential customer sees. It should make them want to find out more about your business and what you have to offer, so it’s important that they see something on which they can identify with- or at least understand! Create a DJ Logo

Website – Your website is the central hub of all your social media sites. One goal in using social media is to get potential clients to contact you. This is one of the places they will find your small business contact info.

Professional Email Address – One of the most important parts of your social media channels is your email address. You want people to contact your a book your services. Don’t use [email protected] Instead use [email protected]

Phone Number – Make sure you list your phone number on all of your social media accounts so that people can contact you more easily.

Bio – Keep your bio short and sweet. Describe who you are, what you’re about, and where people can find more information. It’s always nice to include a photo of yourself so it looks like the profile is coming from a real person. Check out this great post for some really good tips on writing bios that get results: [Link]

One important piece of information to include in any digital presence is a way for people to actually reach out and get a hold of the person behind it! Make sure that, at minimum, if someone wants they’re able to give their feedback or just say hello by using one simple method: emailing them.

Best Social Media Sites for Mobile DJs 2021

Best Social Media Sites for DJs

Social media is a huge part of our society. We are in the age of social media marketing and this article will give you an honest look into what it means to be successful on social media in 2021.

A Mobile DJ that diversify across many different social network sites while still carefully choosing who they engage with most heavily will be at an advantage over those using just one platform exclusively.


Twitter is the best social media platform for DJs because it’s a great way to find out about parties and get feedback on your music. It also has an easy-to-use interface that can be customized to fit any style. The only problem with twitter is how short the tweets are, which means you’ll have less characters than other platforms like Instagram or Facebook.


Facebook used to be one of the primary places where people would share live DJ sets from festivals around the world but now in 2019 they’ve implemented new features that make it more difficult for this type of content. You might still find some links posted by word-of mouth if someone finds something good but there isn’t much going on anymore on their end.


Instagram is a great platform for Mobile DJs because it’s so easy to share videos on your feed. You can also post an event that you’re playing at which will link back to your website and help promote the show. The only downside about this social media network is how quickly people forget what they just saw, or if there are too many posts in their feeds then they might not see yours right away. Try using some Instagram stories.


TikTok is a great way to share your talent, and it’s also a good place for new DJs to get some exposure. You can use this app as an introduction or show off the skills that you already have. The problem with TikTok is when people get bored of seeing videos then they’ll stop following because there are so many other things in their feed waiting for them all day long!


Snapchat is another social media platform that DJ should take advantage of but only if they want to make connections outside of music – like friends on tour, fellow artists etc… who might not live close by. This site does require more upkeep than others since stories disappear after 24 hours so you need to remember what content went up each day.


Twitch is great for mobile DJs that are interactive with their audiences. DJs can also livestream their DJ sets and interact with viewers. Twitch is the best place to establish an interactive relationship with your audience.


YouTube is the most important social media platform for DJs! You can use YouTube to share videos of your live sets, favorite DJs performances or tutorials on how to produce music. It also has a lot of benefits that other sites don’t like being able to put text in video descriptions which increases views and allows you more freedom with what you want to post since you can’t do links and embed codes.


LinkedIn is great to connect with business contacts, industry professionals and other influential people in your field. You can use this site to post links, pictures or videos but it doesn’t have a lot of the engagement that other sites do so you’ll need to use it in conjunction with others like Facebook which is where most DJs will put their live DJ set playlists for example.

Here are some changes we think might happen in 2021 to social networks

*You may notice more influencers using Snapchat as their main platform instead of Instagram or YouTube due to its recent redesigns – snapchat just wants posts which show what’s happening now rather than old stories

*There could be major convergence between Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Stories where there would only need to be one app containing all three features.

*You will start to see more videos and posts at the top of your news feed that feature influencers interacting with their followers or showing behind-the-scenes content in order to encourage engagement

*More brands will be using the “Stories” format for social media.

Social Media Posts for Mobile DJs

Social Media Posts for Mobile DJs

Social Media for Mobile DJs The importance of social media marketing strategy in the modern age cannot be ignored. It’s how a lot people get their information and stay up to date on what is going on, so it makes sense for DJs who want exposure to make sure they are using these platforms as well!

If you’re looking into starting your own DJ business or just interested in providing some background music at parties with friends, then check out these tips that outline all of the different ways Facebook and TikTok can help you reach new clients while also giving tips for managing both Twitter and Instagram accounts without sacrificing quality content.

Do Not Post the Same Posts on all Accounts

You have your Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram – but do you post the same posts on all social media accounts?

It may seem like it saves time and energy to just copy-paste an old post from one website onto another site, but by doing so you are missing out on the opportunity of posting more content about yourself or your business that will appeal specifically to those people who follow you on different sites.

Useful Types of Updates:

  • Sharing Links
  • Posting Photos
  • Sharing What’s On Your Mind
  • Asking Questions Of Fans/Followers

Useful Types of Posts:

  1. Photos with Text
  2. Blog Posts
  3. Links to Longer Content (such as blog posts)
  4. A Word or Two of Text

Use Canva to Create your Social Media Posts

We talk about Canva here >> Canva for Social Media Posts I use Canva for all the pins on this site.

Content Ideas for Social Media

Make sure your posts provides value for readers or it will not be successful- whether through education, entertainment, serving as an emotional escape or making their life easier.

Take time to reflect after each post and evaluate how well it lived up to its purpose and goals.

Self promotion never works on Social Networks.

In this section, I’ll provide you with a few social media marketing posts to make for Mobile DJs. To do so, I’m going to show you how each platform works and the type of content that’s most popular there.

Keep reading for more… First up is Facebook…

Facebook Tips

Facebook Tips for Mobile DJs The average person spends over 30 minutes on Facebook per day — which means it has an advantage in reaching people who are already looking up information about your business or products!

With over two billion monthly users across all platforms (including desktop computers, smartphones and tablets), Facebook hosts a whopping 187 million active businesses pages. That’s pretty impressive given its size!

Facebook Success Basics

Posting Status Updates vs Creating Posts

Status Updates

If you’re looking for a quick way to share information, text updates are your best bet. Status updates with photos and links provide more depth than just words alone.

For instance, if you have an event coming up with live entertainment (and no one can show up without tickets), it may be helpful to post a link in the update that people can click on so they know what’s going on and how they could buy tickets while there is still time!

Status updates are designed to share your thoughts or ideas, and can be about anything.

Creating Posts

Posts provide more robust content than a status update. They’re typically longer with text and graphics that link offsite, but they don’t always have links in them at all! Posts cover topics related to the your DJ Business page you’re running (e.g., how-to videos, blog posts, photos from an event).

You also get analytics on Facebook posts which is awesome for measuring engagement rates over time and seeing what resonates best with audiences of various target audience demographics (age groupings etc.)

Update Images

Change header image at least every once in awhile so that potential customers have something new to check out when they come back to find.

Instagram Tips

Instagram Tips for Mobile DJs Instagram is a fun way to promote yourself and your DJ services. Here are some tips for getting started on the social media platform:

1) Choose an appropriate username

2) Follow other Mobile DJs

3) Take high quality photos of your equipment

4) Make sure that all of your posts are public

5) Use hashtags related to music or entertainment

6) Try using some Instagram stories

7) Promote other people’s content in order to build up followers.

How to Add and Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts

First, log into the account you want to add. Next, in your profile settings tap “Add Account” and then choose another one of your Instagram accounts.

Once both are added, you can switch which one is active by simply tapping on it from within your Profile Settings tab (just below the list of blogs).

You’ve now been introduced to how easy it is to manage multiple Instagram accounts!

Head back up to Part One for more detailed instructions on how set up a mobile DJ profile so that potential customers will know who they’re hiring when they come across pictures and videos with hashtags like

#mobiledj , #mobiledjbasics or even just @mobiledjbasics !

TikTok Tips

TikTok Tips for Mobile DJs We all know that TikTok is the newest social media craze for teens. It has over 150 million active users and it’s the fastest growing app in history.

But are you aware of the implications it can have on your business? There is a lot to learn about this new app, but here are some tips to help you get started and use it as an effective marketing tool.

It is important for Mobile DJs to know how to use TikTok effectively. This section will cover how TikTok can be used by mobile DJs in their social media marketing strategy – from videos, branding, contests and more!

Here are some tips on making the most of your social media channels account and getting more exposure for your business!

Use TikTok to Get More Events

  • Posting pictures about yourself and updates about upcoming gigs will not only be helpful for marketing purposes, but also help create some brand recognition.
  • There are plenty of ways to get more followers on TikTok. You can share posts from other influencers as well as artists, promote your gigs and use hashtags in your captions that relate to the industry you work in.
  • One way for Mobile DJs to grow their following on TikTok is by adding a link or hashtag at the end of every video post they upload which directs people back to their own profile page where they can learn more about what they offer. This will make it easier for potential customers who may be interested in hiring them!
  • Another great way to get more followers is by following other TikTok users that have a similar audience. They will be able to see the post and it may spark some interest in them as they are likely following those same artists or musicians themselves.
  • While working on increasing their follower count, DJs should also focus on creating quality content. Some brands might want you to create videos with links back to them which would work well for Mobile DJ companies who offer sponsorship opportunities.
  • DJs should use links to their social media, website or other videos on TikTok so that they can get more followers. This will help them attract new business opportunities in turn as well as expanding their audience base over time.

YouTube Tips

YouTube Tips for Mobile DJs YouTube is a great place for Mobile DJs to promote themselves and their events.

You can use video posts or live videos from your event to get more people interested in what you have to offer!

If you are interested in finding out more information regarding what makes this such a popular choice among marketers today, here are some of their top tips:

  • Create video posts for different segments of events you offer and use keywords that are relevant to what you do.
  • Use a catchy title with your business name in the description.
  • Include live videos from your event so people can get an inside view on how it really looks like!
  • Use the keywords (Location) you think are most relevant to your business in the title and description of any video post, preferably when it’s first posted but at least before publishing or updating it.

You could also create an intro video or explainer video, which is great if you’re new to YouTube as well!

If someone’s interested in learning more about Mobile DJs then they may be able to find information on this topic by searching “Mobile DJ” under the search bar. This will bring up all sorts of related topics or even just general questions where they’ll have access to any informative content that suits their needs.

Most Important – Make sure your profile has contact info including phone number so people can get in touch with you if they’re interested!

Learn How to Build Your Personal Brand

Learn How to Build Your Personal DJ Brand

How to Build Your Personal Brand For those who are just starting their journey in social media marketing, there’s no time like the present to start creating a plan for success online.

Developing an understanding of what platforms you want to use as well as how many hours per week or month you can devote (or what services will suffice) is essential before diving into this new world.

By doing some research before committing any resources, it will be much easier later when things inevitably change with the years ahead–which they undoubtedly will.

What Should You Post About?

How do you keep your social media marketing content fresh?

Here are 5 tips on how to make your posts more engaging and raise brand awareness.
1) Post a video of yourself performing at an event.

2) Share what is coming up in the near future for you and/or your company.

3) Show off your latest equipment update or purchase that will help with the next set-up.

4) Ask questions about life as a mobile DJ – this might be things like

  • “What’s been the most memorable gig?”
  • “What’s been the craziest thing someone has done while getting married?”
  • “Who has been one of my best clients?”

5) Show the Process of you planning for your next event.

6) Share pictures and videos of you and your team setting up equipment.

7) Ask Questions

  • “What song would people describe themselves”
  • What was your First Dance Song

8) Share Old Pictures of your First Events

Post content that is educational, entertaining and interesting will continue to attract more people online.

You do not need to do giveaways or contests. Skip the Discounts

-Post experiences shared on social media carry much more weight than the same content published in a blog post because they are perceived as being closer to real life.

-DJs should focus on what makes them different (e.g.: build trust by creating valuable content for your your target audience , offer unique experiences for them to share).

-DJs should also focus on making it easy for people to subscribe and be notified of new content. This will increase their chances of staying top of mind when they’re ready to make a purchase as well as help you stay relevant in the future by being able to provide timely information about trends your customers are interested in.

Mobile DJs that are currently focused on building a presence solely through Facebook should start thinking about other networks as well, rather than continuing to spend the majority of their time and resources there.

In order to be successful in 2021, it is crucial for Mobile DJs to have an understanding of how two or more social media platforms work together to raise brand awareness –not just one platform at a time.

How to Gain a Following as a Mobile DJ

How to Gain a Following as a Mobile DJ What’s the best way to get your following growing? Apparently, you need to share personal stories or bits of wisdom that might be lost if not shared with others reading through your page.

If you’re a mobile DJ and looking for an edge in social media then Mobile DJs Guide to Social Media marketing is for you!

You’ll find tips on how writing about what we do can help promote yourself as well as grow followers too! We should never forget though- posts shouldn’t come out less than once every two weeks so keep up those great content updates everyone will love it!

It’s a lot easier than you think to gain a social media following as a mobile DJ. With the right strategy, an appropriate approach and some patience, it is possible to build your online presence quickly and effectively.

Here are some tips for getting started on social media:

1) Create accounts on all major platforms (The Ones Listed Above),

2) Post unique content regularly (photos of gigs or performances),

3) Use hashtags (#mobileDJ #DJlife #YourBrand),

4) Share photos with other DJs at events

5) Engage in conversations with followers.

6) Follow for Follow

7) Keep it relevant – 6 Posts about your dog will make people wonder why they follow you.

A common trend is that social media platforms are growing more and more targeted with less attention given to mass audiences of consumers; this means there’s plenty of opportunity for niche groups of people who share similar interests or lifestyles as the brand they’re advertising to reach out directly without having their messages diluted by other brands looking for greater exposure.

Plan Out Your Social Media Content

Plan Out Your Social Media Content 2021 As a mobile DJ you know that your social media marketing is crucial to building relationships with potential clients.

With the right strategy, your social media strategy can be a powerful tool for showing customers what you have to offer and how they will benefit from booking your services.

Your social media strategy starts with your calendar!

The first step is to audit the content on all of your networks and decide what you need.

For example:

  • How many posts are appropriate for each type of platform?
  • Which ones should be updated more often than others?
  • How much time per week do I have available for this endeavor in order to stay engaged without becoming overwhelmed or frustrated by my workload?

These questions will help determine a realistic timeline that doesn’t overwhelm yet still provides enough quality material needed from an audience standpoint.

Don’t forget about assets like photos and videos either–they’re necessary elements if they don’t already exist elsewhere but it’s important not just create them blindly.

Save Time and Use Canva to Create your Images

For those who post their own content, one of the more time-consuming tasks is creating images for social media. It’s important to set aside some time in advance when working on your posts so that you’re able to make up enough visual before it is time to post it. Design your own posts with Canva – With its easy-to-use interface, you can design all the images for your social media without having to hire a designer.

Before you hit the “post” button on your latest social update or tweet, make sure that everything has been thought out and seems cohesive enough to post online.

The social sphere can be a powerful marketing tool when used correctly– but only if it’s planned well beforehand!

Conclusion – Mobile DJs Guide to Social Media

Along with these changes, in 2021 social media marketing strategy will be more about quality than quantity. Mobile DJs are encouraged to focus on the quality of their posts and interactions instead of trying to increase their number of followers or likes.

With this new platform, DJs should also consider focusing less attention on mass audiences, and more focus on niche groups who have similar interests as them for a better customer experience.

Social Media is evolving into something different in the future — more focused, responsive based off location and proximity rather than just “likes” or “follows,” and with higher-quality content that’s not saturating users’ feeds like before. It’ll be all about those smaller groupings where people are interacting well together.


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Mobile DJs Guide to Social Media

Mobile DJs Guide to Social Media 2024 | Get Started Today!