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Definition: Turntables are a type of audio device used to play vinyl records. In DJing, turntables are used to manually control the playback of music for mixing, scratching, and beatmatching. They are an essential tool for many DJs, especially those who perform with vinyl records.

What are Turntables?

Turntables, also known as record players or vinyl players, are a type of audio equipment used for playing vinyl records. They consist of a circular rotating platter, a tonearm, and a cartridge with a stylus that reads the grooves on the vinyl record to produce sound.

The platter of a turntable rotates at a constant speed, typically 33⅓, 45, or 78 revolutions per minute (RPM), allowing the stylus to follow the spiral grooves on the record and reproduce the recorded sound.

The tonearm holds the cartridge and stylus and is responsible for guiding it across the record, while the cartridge converts the mechanical vibrations from the stylus into an electrical signal that is amplified and played through speakers.

Turntables have been used by DJs since the early days of hip hop and electronic dance music (EDM), and are still favored by many DJs today for their unique sound and tactile control.

DJs can manipulate the speed and direction of the platter using pitch control sliders, allowing them to create a wide range of effects such as scratching, beat juggling, and backspinning.

In recent years, turntables have seen a resurgence in popularity among music enthusiasts who appreciate the warm, natural sound of vinyl records. As a result, many new turntables have been introduced to the market, ranging from budget-friendly models to high-end audiophile-quality players.

Overall, turntables continue to be an important part of the music industry, offering a unique listening experience and serving as a tool for DJs and music producers to create and manipulate sounds in new and creative ways.

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Usage or Example Sentence: “The DJ used a pair of turntables to create a unique mix of old and new tracks.

Cross References: Beatmatching, Scratching, Vinyl DJ

Translated terms: French: Platines, Spanish: Tornamesas, German: Plattenspieler

Sources or references: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey, by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton

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