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Audio Mixer

Definition: An audio mixer, also known as a mixing console or mixing desk, is a device used in audio production and DJing to combine and control the audio signals from various sources. It allows for adjustments of volume, tone, balance, and effects to achieve the desired sound mix. Audio mixers come in various sizes and configurations, […]

Vinyl Emulation Software

Definition: Vinyl Emulation Software is a type of DJ software that allows the user to physically manipulate the playback of digital audio files on a computer using the turntables as an interface. This gives DJs the tactile control of spinning vinyl records while gaining the benefits of digital music such as extensive music libraries, cue points, […]

Audio Cables

Definition: Audio cables are used to transmit audio signals between devices such as speakers, mixers, amplifiers, and DJ equipment. There are various types of audio cables including XLR, RCA, quarter-inch (also known as 6.35mm or TS/TRS) and more recently digital audio cables such as HDMI and optical cables. The type of cable used depends on the […]

DJ Controller

Definition: A DJ Controller is a device used by DJs that mimics the traditional two turntables and a mixer setup on a single piece of hardware. Controllers are typically used in conjunction with DJ software on a computer and have knobs, jog wheels, and faders to control music playback and mixing functions. They can also have […]

DJ Software

Definition: DJ Software is a type of program used by DJs that provides the tools needed to mix and manipulate music on a computer. This software often includes features such as syncing tracks, adjusting BPM (Beats Per Minute), adding effects, and creating loops. Examples of popular DJ software include Serato DJ, Traktor Pro, and Virtual DJ. […]

DJ Cases

Definition: DJ Cases are specialized containers used to protect and transport DJ equipment. They are designed to fit specific pieces of equipment such as turntables, mixers, controllers, and laptops, providing protection from physical damage, dust, and moisture. DJ Cases can be made from various materials, including hard plastic, metal, or padded fabric, and often feature internal […]

DJ Laptop

Definition: A DJ Laptop is a computer used by DJs during performances to run DJ software, manage and play digital music files, and sometimes control other equipment through MIDI or USB connections. The DJ laptop is a central tool in digital and laptop DJing, as it can store large libraries of music, and with the right […]

LED Par Cans

Definition: LED Par Cans are a type of stage lighting instrument that are widely used in theatre and live performances, including DJ performances. These devices use Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as their light source and are designed to produce a wide range of colors. Par is an acronym for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector, which refers to […]

Moving Head Lights

Definition: Moving Head Lights are a type of stage lighting instrument that have automated or mechanically controlled abilities, allowing them to move and project light in various directions. They are commonly used in theatrical productions, concerts, and DJ performances to enhance the visual experience. These lights often come with features such as color mixing, gobos, and […]

DJ Bags

Definition: DJ Bags are specialized bags designed to transport and protect DJ equipment such as headphones, records, laptops, controllers, and other related gear. These bags vary in size, material, and design, with different compartments and padding for the protection of various equipment. They are essential for mobile DJs and DJs who frequently travel for performances. What […]


Definition: An interface, in the context of audio engineering and DJing, refers to a device or system that facilitates communication and control between different types of audio equipment. For instance, a DJ interface can translate digital audio signals from a computer into an analog signal that can be sent to a mixer or sound system. Similarly, […]

X-Fader (Crossfader)

Definition: The crossfader, often shortened to X-Fader, is a type of fader found on many audio and DJ mixers. It is used to control the balance between two audio channels. When moved from one side to the other, it decreases the volume of one channel while increasing the volume of the other, creating a smooth transition […]

Jog Wheel

Definition: A jog wheel is a type of control interface commonly found on DJ controllers, CD players, and digital turntables. It is used for various purposes such as navigating through tracks, scratch performances, and pitch bending for beatmatching. The jog wheel mimics the feel and functionality of a vinyl record on a turntable. What is a […]


Definition: A Y-Splitter is a cable or adapter that takes a single input and splits it into multiple outputs. It is commonly used in audio applications to split an audio signal into two separate channels or outputs. For instance, in a DJ setup, a Y-Splitter can be used to split the headphone output so that two […]

Virtual DJ

Definition: Virtual DJ is a software application developed by Atomix Productions that allows DJs to mix music and video, perform scratching, and apply a range of effects in a digital environment. The software can be used with or without hardware such as a DJ controller and offers a visual representation of a DJ setup on a […]

Power Conditioner

Definition: A Power Conditioner is a device designed to improve the quality of the power that is delivered to electrical load equipment. In the context of DJing and music production, a power conditioner helps protect audio equipment from power surges and interference, which can lead to equipment damage and can affect audio quality. What is a […]


Definition: A Crossfader is a control feature found on DJ mixers that allows the DJ to smoothly transition from one source of sound to another. It is typically a horizontal sliding knob that adjusts the balance of two channels on a mixer. When slid to one side, the mixer outputs sound from one channel; as the […]

Wireless Microphone

Definition: A wireless microphone is a microphone that does not require a physical cable connection to the sound recording or amplifying equipment with which it is associated. Instead, it transmits the audio signal wirelessly over radio waves. This gives the user more freedom of movement and is particularly useful in situations where cable management and mobility […]

USB Interface

Definition: A USB (Universal Serial Bus) Interface is a type of connection used for communication between devices and a host controller (usually personal computers). In the context of DJing and music production, a USB interface often refers to an audio interface that uses a USB connection. These devices can convert analog audio signals into digital format […]

DJ Headphones

Definition:  DJ Headphones are a specific type of headphone designed for DJ use. They typically have features like enhanced bass response, closed-back design for sound isolation, swiveling ear cups for one-ear monitoring, and high durability. They are used by DJs to listen to the next song they will mix in, while the current song is playing […]


Definition: An Amplifier is an electronic device used to increase the power of a signal. In audio applications, an amplifier takes a weak audio signal and boosts it to generate a signal strong enough to drive speakers. This results in a louder sound without significant distortion. Amplifiers are an integral part of many audio systems, including […]


Definition: An Amplifier is an electronic device used to increase the power of a signal. In audio applications, an amplifier takes a weak audio signal and boosts it to generate a signal strong enough to drive speakers. This results in a louder sound without significant distortion. Amplifiers are an integral part of many audio systems, including […]

Sound System

Definition: A Sound System is a set of equipment for the reproduction and amplification of sound. For a DJ, this typically includes source components such as turntables or digital audio players, an amplifier to increase sound signal strength, and loudspeakers to project the sound. The quality and power of the sound system can greatly affect the […]

Pelican Case

Definition: A Pelican Case is a type of high-performance case typically used to protect sensitive equipment during transportation. These cases are known for being waterproof, dustproof, crushproof, and durable, making them ideal for DJs and other professionals who travel with valuable equipment like turntables, mixers, and microphones. What is a Pelican Case? A Pelican case is […]

Lighting Rig

Definition: A Lighting Rig refers to a structure or setup used to hang and position lights in a specific configuration, typically in a live event setting. This can include spotlights, strobe lights, lasers, and other types of stage lighting. In DJing, a lighting rig is used to enhance the atmosphere and visual experience of a […]


Definition: Turntables are a type of audio device used to play vinyl records. In DJing, turntables are used to manually control the playback of music for mixing, scratching, and beatmatching. They are an essential tool for many DJs, especially those who perform with vinyl records. What are Turntables? Turntables, also known as record players or […]

DJ Booth

Definition: A DJ Booth is a designated space or stand where a disc jockey (DJ) sets up their equipment to play and mix music. This space typically includes equipment such as turntables, mixers, computers, sound systems, and often has provisions for lighting and special effects. What is a DJ Booth? A DJ booth is a […]

DJ Mixer

Definition: A DJ Mixer is an audio mixing console used by DJs to control and manipulate audio signals. It allows the DJ to transition between tracks by blending the signals from two or more audio sources (like turntables or media players). DJ mixers typically have features like crossfaders, equalization knobs (for adjusting bass, mid-range, and treble […]