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Q-Bert Scratch

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Definition: The Q-Bert Scratch, named after the legendary DJ Q-Bert, is a complex and advanced scratching technique used in turntablism. The technique involves manipulating a vinyl record on a turntable to create unique sound effects. This particular scratch is a combination of different scratching techniques and requires a high level of skill and precision to execute.

What is Q-Bert Scratch?

The Q-Bert scratch is a well-known turntable scratching technique that was popularized by DJ Q-Bert in the 1990s. It involves using the crossfader on a DJ mixer to cut between two different sounds, creating a rhythmic and percussive effect.

To perform the Q-Bert scratch, the DJ starts by playing a sound on one turntable while the crossfader is open. They then quickly move the record back and forth to create a rhythmic “stutter” effect. As they do this, they use their other hand to gradually close the crossfader, cutting off the sound and creating a sharp percussive noise.

The Q-Bert scratch can be performed using a variety of sounds and samples, from drum beats to vocal snippets to sound effects. It is often used in hip-hop and electronic music to add a layer of complexity and excitement to a mix.

To master the Q-Bert scratch, DJs must have quick reflexes and a keen sense of rhythm. They must also be able to use the crossfader with precision, smoothly transitioning between different sounds and controlling the volume of each sound.

Overall, the Q-Bert scratch is a classic turntable technique that has stood the test of time. It continues to be used by DJs around the world, and has played an important role in shaping the sound of hip-hop and electronic music over the past few decades.

Related Terms: Turntablism, Scratching, DJing

Usage or Example Sentence: “With years of practice, the DJ mastered the Q-Bert Scratch, adding a distinct flair to his performances.

Cross References: Turntablism, Scratching, DJing

Translated terms: French: Scratch de Q-Bert, Spanish: Scratch de Q-Bert, German: Q-Bert Scratch

Sources or references: Turntable Technique: The Art of the DJ, by Stephen Webber

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Q-Bert Scratch
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