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Wedding Articles

Top 15 Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ to Ensure a Memorable Reception

Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ is a comprehensive guide designed to aid you in the search for the perfect music maestro for your wedding day. Navigating the multitude of options available can be overwhelming, but asking the right questions can significantly simplify the process. This article aims to provide a detailed list of vital […]

Do you need a first dance at a wedding? | Pros and Cons

“Do you need a first dance at your wedding? Opinions on this beloved tradition can be divided. While some view it as an important opportunity for couples to share a special moment and exhibit their love and commitment, others find it outdated and pressure-inducing. Ultimately, whether or not to have a first dance is a […]

How many songs do you need for a wedding?

When planning your wedding reception, you will need to choose music for various parts of the wedding ceremony and reception. You may also want to consider hiring an MC or emcee to help keep things organized and running smoothly. Here is a look at how many wedding songs you will need for a typical wedding, […]