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Definition:  In audio, gain refers to the level of amplification applied to an audio signal. In the context of DJing and music production, gain is used to adjust the level of each audio source to ensure that they are appropriately balanced and that the signal is strong enough for further processing but not so strong that it causes distortion or clipping.

What is Gain?

Gain is a term used to describe the degree of amplification of an audio signal at a particular point in a signal chain. It is commonly used in audio engineering and refers to the increase in level or strength of a signal, usually measured in decibels (dB).

In mixing and mastering, gain is often used to balance the levels of different tracks within a mix, ensuring the overall sound is cohesive and balanced. This can include increasing the gain of quieter tracks to bring them up to the same level as louder tracks or reducing the gain of certain tracks to prevent distortion.

In live sound reinforcement, gain is used to adjust the level of a microphone or instrument before it enters the mixing console. It is also used to adjust the level of a monitor or speaker, ensuring that the sound is at an appropriate level for the space it is being played in.

Overall, gain plays a critical role in achieving high-quality sound in both recording and live performance contexts. It allows engineers and performers to control the level of audio signals, ensuring that they are heard clearly and at the appropriate volume.

Related Terms: Amplifier, Mixing, Audio Signal

Usage or Example Sentence: “The DJ adjusted the gain on the mixer to balance the volume levels of the two tracks he was blending.

Cross References: DJ Mixer, Amplifier, Audio Signal

Translated terms: French: Gain, Spanish: Ganancia, German: Verstärkung

Sources or references: Modern Recording Techniques, by David Miles Huber

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